Renewable Energy Lolland
A Green Energy Island Between Two Metropolises

Lolland is a green energy island that has been at the forefront of Denmark’s energy
transition for decades. Positioned between Copenhagen and Hamburg, with a very
high share of renewable energy and a forthcoming fixed tunnel connection
between Denmark and Germany, Lolland is becoming a major clean industry and
energy hub, connecting Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

A Powerhouse for Renewable Energy and Innovation


On Lolland, we take pride in our dedication to a green and sustainable energy and resource system. We generate power from solar and wind in such abundance that it amounts to eight times the municipality’s total electricity consumption. 

As citizens, authorities, and businesses, we have carried the torch for decades, leading the way in exploring new technologies, synergies, and collaboration opportunities. 

Our goal is to become a European hotspot for renewable energy production, technology development, and circular resource utilization by forging new value chains in collaboration with innovative businesses

A Holistic Approach to Energy Integration and Circular Economy

With wind and solar as our foundation, and biogas from agricultural production to stabilize fluctuations, we offer the island’s industries and agricultural producers the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions and recycle both resources and nutrients.

We are actively fostering a local Power-to-X value chain by leveraging biogenic CO2 from local biogas and industry.

To close the loop, we aim to integrate excess heat from PtX-production into both households and industry, paving the way for sustainable interactions between industry, energy production, and agriculture.

Join our journey

In recent years, more than 800 million EUR has been privately invested in clean energy and industry within the region. We welcome new businesses and other stakeholders who recognize the potential of tapping into Lolland’s commitment to green initiatives and circular thinking.

We are eager to assist your company in discovering the unique opportunities that Lolland’s green energy and resource system presents for your business case and in facilitating connections with relevant organizations and actors.

For more information, please contact:

Tim Tannhof Larsen 
Secretary General